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Devil's Bridge Germany

A bridge like this one is pretty rare. Especially the mood on a foggy morning is just perfect to be at this spot.
Please don't walk over this bridge, because this one is pretty old and could be destroyed by that and you really don't want to be that person who ruins such an iconic spot for all other photographers!

Photography Tips

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Crowd Factor Just a few people
Best Timing Sunrise
Sunrise & Sunset 06:54 - 17:34 | current local time: 03:24
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Spot Comments (6)

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Danny Nielsen
Danny Nielsen 12.01.2020
As far as I can see the bridge and lake is still under construction sign says until 2020, you can follow it on their facebook page ““Rhododendronpark Kromlau”
Danny Nielsen
Danny Nielsen 03.11.2018
The lake is without water and the bridge is under renovation until 2020.
Cezary Morga
Cezary Morga 06.05.2019
Thanks for the heads up.
Roni Sofer
Roni Sofer 12.01.2020
Hi Danny, do you know if the bridge still under constructions?
Deleted user
Deleted user 02.06.2017
Top shot !
Manuel Becker
Manuel Becker 14.06.2015 , edited
Oh I just love this bridge, thank you so much for adding this amazing place! Really have to get there someday...

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Thank you Gunnar Heilmann for creating this photo spot and jan Rzaczek, Reemt Peters-Hein, Carsten Kempa, Taylor Hanson, Harald Buhe, Paul Fleming, Danny Nielsen for improving it with additional photos or content.
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